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by Moshira Hassan(Reef Check Europe)

REEF CHECK Safari Red Sea

May 2005

RC Scientist: Moshira Hassan

Host: Sinai Divers, South Sinai, Egypt

A one-week Reef Check Safari was conducted aboard the Ghazala I during May 2005. On Thursday May 11th 13 volunteers boarded the Ghazala I, a famous live-aboard, in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt.

Reef Check Report Myanmar (Burma) 2003

by Georg Heiss (Reef Check Europe) and Kim Obermeyer (Reef Check Thailand).

Andaman Sea, Mergui Archipelago, February 2003


image001Photo: © JP

The first dive of the 2003 Myanmar Reef Check/Europe Conservation Switzerland expedition was on a southern point of Parsons Island (Nge Lon Lett Phei). The six divers - Georg Heiss, Scott Linge, Olivier Mueller, Kim Obermeyer, Joel Pascal and Martin Rosenberg, began with an exploratory dive entering at a rocky point and diving in the direction of the beach. At the rocky tip there was low coral coverage and at least 50% bare rock with some fire corals. The substrate was obviously not favourable for coral settlement. Closer to the bay there was a large Acropora forest from 2-8m depth, with monospecific stands of several species, seemingly in good health, even though large fish are missing. We noted two possible dynamite craters. That evening we sailed on to the magnificent Macleod Island.

RC scientist: Georg Heiss (Reef Check Europe)

Andaman Sea, Mergui Archipelago, March 2004

Route of the expedition



Reef Check im Februar 2003 in BURMA / MYANMAR

Die Expedition fand vom 15. - 28. Februar 2003 im südlichen Teil des Mergui-Archipels statt und wurde in Kooperation von Reef Check Europe mit Europe Conservation Switzerland an Bord des Katamarans Sea Nomad seanomad sunset_thumbdurchgeführt. Beim ersten Reef Check im Jahr 2001 haben der Kapitän der Sea Nomad, der Schweizer Luca Schueli und der Zoologe an Bord, Louis Jordi, selbst bei Reef Check mitgemacht. Die Leitung der Reef Check surveys im 2003 übernahm der deutsche Meeresgeologe Dr. Georg Heiss, Koordinator von Reef Check Europe.

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